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A year in the life of Blue Abyss

A year in the life of Blue Abyss

As we close on 2020, we would like to reflect on our journey, look ahead to the future and thank the very many supportive individuals and organisations that have accompanied us along the way despite the challenges of an 'unprecedented' year...

We’ve achieved an enormous amount in a relatively short time, and we are now close to concluding the current phase of development. From the seed of an idea a few years ago, Blue Abyss is bigger and better than we ever imagined. And so will be its value and contribution to the advancement of exploration. Innovation takes time, patience and careful consideration. As internet entrepreneur, Jason Calacais explains,

You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration."

The support we’ve garnered along the way has been outstanding. From local government and cabinet ministers, space agencies and subsea organisations, to recreational diving companies. We have demonstrated a huge level of interest across multiple existing and emerging markets globally.

We’ve been very fortunate in getting support from industry and government agencies including the European Space Agency, and even NASA, and that has been a huge boost for us. It’s given me a personal sense of achievement, and every day I wake up, I’m enthusiastic about working on this opportunity,” says John Vickers, Founder and Managing Director, Blue Abyss.

There’s nothing quite like Blue Abyss in existence. But that’s what makes it special, ‘a real jewel in the crown for our country’...

So what’s next?

Finalisation of our current funding round will enable the full planning application. This includes hiring additional professionals to facilitate the work, and covering costs to support the business in its current form.

As soon as we have the necessary planning permissions in place, we will begin breaking ground. The build is estimated to take 18 months. During this time, we will be continuing to develop relationships with key partners and users to ensure operational excellence and secure future custom. We will also be busy staffing and equipping the centre to the highest possible standards.

We continue to ‘Fly High, Dive Deep’. By this time next year we will be well on the way to completing Europe’s premier extreme environment training, research and development centre.

The journey is rich in its challenge, but perseverance and confidence is the key, and we have no end of drive and enthusiasm to make Blue Abyss a reality. The team has worked tirelessly and we are very grateful and flattered by all the support we have and will continue to receive. Thank you.

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