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Words of support for Blue Abyss

Words of support for Blue Abyss

Our consultation programme has taken us all over the world, to many different markets, industries and establishments. The purpose? To ensure that we build a facility of significant value and relevance to the markets it will serve. As such, we have been very fortunate to have received letters of support from the following organisations:

Space Exploration

With the aim to foster ESA’s space exploration strategy, calling for optimum user-driven exploitation of ISS and post ISS Low Earth Orbit (LEO) infrastructures and exploration missions beyond low-Earth orbit, targeting cis-lunar space and the Moon by a sequence of robotic and, eventually, human explorations missions, the Agency is following with interest commercial initiatives related to exploitation of LEO infrastructures and lunar exploration. ESA continues to proactively observe the evolution of the Blue Abyss initiative, to allow further definition of business and marketing elements of the project."

Bernhard Hufenbach, Head of Strategic Planning and Outreach Office, HRE-K (acting), ESA – European Space Agency, Netherlands

This venture [Blue Abyss] offers the potential to fulfil both national and international gaps in available facilities and we would welcome the opportunity to work with Blue Abyss to establish a parabolic flight service based here in the UK. The potential for such a service stretches beyond the current market for microgravity research and weightless experiences, to government and commercial spaceflight preparation and elaboarate, inspiring experiences for the fee-paying public."

Justin Paines, Engineering Test Pilot, 2Excel Aviation Ltd, UK

Human Life Science

It has been ETC’s long-standing belief that a turn-key, ‘one-stop-destination’, such as that proposed by Blue Abyss, is an ideal solution to address, and mitigate the extreme physiology risks that are imposed by extreme environments, such as human spaceflight. It is with great pleasure that we support and endorse Blue Abyss’ efforts.

Robert L. Laurent, Jr., CEO & President, Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC), USA

We are very interested in exploring the proposed SeaSpace Research Academic Partnership to be established in support of Blue Abyss extreme environment R&D. I recognise that this could offer access to rare research equipment and unique research possibilities. This could also open up funding opportunities that we might be able to explore together."

Professor Stephen D.R. Harridge, Director, Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King’s College London, UK

The Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre and the fields of research that may be pursued at this centre and across the facilities to be established, are of interest to us, particularly if aspects of human health such as deconditioning, reconditioning and rehabilitation are pursued."

Professor Greta Defeyter, Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Planning & Engagement), Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University, UK

This is to express our interest in collaborating with you on reconditioning and rehabilitation research as a field of R&D to be pursued by the Blue Abyss Academic Partnership. In the Active Living and Rehabilitation Research Group here at the University of Southampton, we’ve been developing various technologies (including devices and exercise programmes) and novel uses of existing technologies that are potentially useful for translating from terrestrial prehabilitation in sport and rehabilitation in clinical conditions to space research."

Professor Maria Stokes, Chair in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, University of Southampton, UK


We are happy to support the continuing development of Blue Abyss Ltd. The UK is in need of a variety of testing facilities in several geographic regions to accommodate various unmanned surface and subsurface autonomous systems. The UK market for these systems is an estimated £9billion pounds and in order for this to materialise testing facilities similar to the proposed Blue Abyss Ltd facility with subsidised small to medium enterprise access is critical.

Adam Schink, Manager, Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, National Oceanography Centre, UK

Currently we don’t have a facility where we could envisage trialling either the vessel (surface craft to submersible) or new systems in a controlled environment. Nor is there an indoor facility available to us where we could carry out demonstrations for prospective customers and provide training courses for operators. Therefore from our perspective, the Blue Abyss facilities would be the perfect fit as it would cater to all of those requirements.

James Browne, Co-Founder Director, Scubacraft Ltd, UK


Education & Outreach

The Blue Abyss concept offers unique opportunities for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, broader educational outreach programmes and engagement of the general public with human spaceflight activities and familiarisation.

Professor Anu Ojha, Director, UK National Space Academy programme; Director (Education and Space Communications), National Space Centre; President, FAI Astronautic Records Commission (Federation Aeronautique Internationale - world governing body for aeronautic and astronautic achievements), National Space Academy, UK

Our overall aim is a very simple one; the furtherance and dissemination of knowledge within our areas of interest. These areas are broad ranging and cover all technologies associated with the underwater environment and also relevant industrial sectors. The development of Blue Abyss is therefore of great interest to us. At present, the UK sadly lacks such facilities and we therefore very much welcome this proposed development."

Dr. R. L. Allwood, Chief Executive, Society for Underwater Technlogy, UK

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