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From inner space to outer space

The benefits and value to society are truly astronomic. From cost reduction, risk mitigation and innovation in the aerospace, offshore energy and underwater robotics sectors, to inspiring and supporting education, and breaking new ground in space adventure tourism.

Blue Abyss is designed to cater for a huge variety of applications.

Manufacturers can test Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) assemblies, researchers can evaluate new diving equipment and the effects of prolonged periods of submersion on the body, commercial and recreational divers can conduct their training at various depths, while freedivers can test their mettle in the 50m deep shaft.

And to most realistically simulate these environments, we will be able to insert cave systems, shipwrecks and spacecraft alongside a fully flexible submerged lighting system, poolside crane, tie-down points and lifting platforms. This will allow the pool to be customised for a huge range of uses.

Blue Abyss Services

Who will benefit?

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Recreational diving

“For all the sports divers of the UK, Europe and indeed the world, this is the future. Blue Abyss will be the planet's #1 indoor dive facility and the most sought-after pool dive location”
James Rogers, Director - RAID (UK & Malta)

Recreational diving


“Blue Abyss is about pushing the boundaries, not just for current, but for future generations of freedivers. Its the most exciting and innovative project of its kind.”
Emma Farrell, Freediving Instructor and Author

Image: Simon Reid

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TV and film production

The ability to insert large-scale ‘wrecks’ or underwater scenery with green screen background and lighting options, ideal for film-making.

TV and film production

Water is the only medium on earth capable of emulating the feeling of being in space. Blue Abyss will achieve this, whilst also being able to simulate deep sea conditions for underwater research and training. And all within in a safe and controlled environment.

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