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Blue Abyss : Opportunity

The UK stands on the brink of a huge opportunity

Here is an opportunity to introduce new robotic technologies that deliver the strong industrial growth the UK seeks. It's an opportunity to give children the skills and training they need to access the science and technology internships and jobs of the future. It's an opportunity to capitalise on the burgeoning human spaceflight market and welcome a new era of space exploration. And it's an opportunity to secure a lasting legacy for today’s society and for future generations to come.

The promise of Blue Abyss.

Blue Abyss is far more than just a super-sized pool. It is...

  • A multi-faceted commercial research, development and training centre, the first of it’s kind in the world.
  • A human performance centre helping people reach the peak of their physical capabilities.
  • An R&D hub bringing industry, academia and government together across sectors to spawn new technologies
  • A test-bed to help mitigate risk in the extreme environments found in our deep seas and outer space.
  • An education centre supporting the country’s national curriculum and inspiring a hands-on approach to learning and engaging in science, technology, engineering and maths.

We are collectively responsible for taking the right paths today to secure a better future for tomorrow. By inspiring all of us to dream bigger, delve into our curiosity, and not just wonder what might have been, we can be better prepared for the future and open to a whole world of new and exciting opportunities. Join us to meet the challenges of our time and to invest in the future of intrepid exploration, operational excellence, pioneering research and outstanding education.

We will succeed if we change the future together.

Blue Abyss - Vision

"For those with the courage and vision to get involved, Blue Abyss is an open portal with a thousand new paths leading into the unknown and I can’t wait to dive in."

Andy Torbet, Extreme Explorer and BBC TV Presenter

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