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Imagine having the opportunity to help create the world’s first commercial ‘Space Environment’ simulation facility for aerospace research and development including potential to train humans for spaceflight. Due to its size and construction it also caters for divers, human physiology researchers – to better understand the effects of the marine and space environments on the human body and educational use to encourage our children to be more aware of the vast richness of our oceans and the vast potential of space.

Blue Abyss is building the world’s largest and deepest, multi-level, indoor research, training and development pool. Alongside, hyperbaric chambers, commercial diving and micro-gravity facilities, this will be the UK and Europe’s premier marine and space research facility.

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Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Scott Parazynski joins Blue Abyss

by John Vickers, 2016-06-06

Aquatic, aerospace and extreme environment research and training company, Blue Abyss Ltd., has appointed Dr. Scott Parazynski as Non-Executive Director. Dr. Parazynski will advise and guide on neutral buoyancy training for astronauts and human physiology in extreme environments.

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Blue Abyss to support the UK’s £40bn ‘Space Race’

by John Vickers, 2016-05-19

UK company Blue Abyss Ltd. plans to build Europe’s first Space environment simulation facility, dedicated to commercial diving, space exploration and human extreme environment research. The facility will back David Cameron’s hopes of a £40bn share of the global Space market, by preparing tourists for safe Space travel and supporting the research and development needs of the human spaceflight industry.

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Pushing the boundaries of human physical performance in Space

by John Vickers, 2016-05-06

On Sunday 24th April, UK astronaut and Blue Abyss supporter Major Tim Peake ran the London Marathon whilst on the International Space Station (ISS), 400 kilometers above 39,000 of his fellow athletes. Completing a time of three hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds on behalf of the Princes Trust, Tim set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest Space marathon.

But what does it take to run a marathon in Space? Blue Abyss’ very own Space Life Scientist, Professor Simon Evetts, gives us the lowdown and Tim Peake spares a few moments to tell us how it went for him.

- Image credit: ESA – Major Tim Peake 28/04/2016 -

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Andy Torbet tells us why Blue Abyss is ‘more than just a large water-filled hole in the ground’

by Andy Torbet, 2016-05-06

I was not the first to hear about Blue Abyss. But many of those before, and after, me dismissed the project as a pipe dream. A great idea pitched by the enthusiastic and well meaning, but without substance and something that would never truly happen. And yet I gave it my support from the outset. Some people either could not fathom my thinking or thought me a fool for wasting my time on a project of such monumental scale, that it was never truly achievable.

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Jeremy Banx shares his childhood fascination with Space

by Jeremy Banx, 2016-05-06

Jeremy Banx MonolithThe first inkling I ever had that there were worlds beyond our own was in the early sixties with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Fireball XL5 on TV. I would have been around 3 or 4 years old. Although I understood that Fireball XL5 was a work of fiction and Colonel Steve Zodiac was a puppet, my young mind assumed the show must be based more on fact than was obviously the case.

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One step closer

by John Vickers, 2016-04-05

After a period of engagement with stakeholders, customer groups and key investors, Blue Abyss is extremely pleased to release an early look at 3D footage, created by Cityscape Digital, providing an internal view of the Blue Abyss pool.

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