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Changing the Future Together: A Manifesto

Changing the Future Together: A Manifesto

As we look towards a post-COVID-19 and post-Brexit future, we share our plan for the future of deep sea and space innovation and exploration.

Our manifesto challenges assumptions, provokes change and pledges commitment. It’s bold, rebellious and disruptive. It confronts the status quo to pioneer new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things that benefit the people we serve and to deliver on their everyday and future needs. It sums up what’s important to us and why we have committed to this journey. It forms a constant source of inspiration and aspiration. It focuses our priorities, values and vision, our conviction, and underpins a steadfast strategy on which to achieve our goals.


We dream about a better world and a more sustainable future for today’s society and for future generations to come. Here's how we will deliver that vision:

1. Blue Abyss will facilitate a step change in human exploration and adventure

We believe in harnessing the innate curiosity of the human mind to explore our natural world and our place in the Universe.

We are committed to preparing humans for the extreme environments of deep sea and space, helping to pave the way for more efficient and effective exploration; pushing the boundaries of scientific and technical limits to discover the unknown, and providing novel astronaut and diving experiences for the scientist and adventurer in all of us. We will facilitate these intrepid endeavours in the world’s first commercial astronaut training centre, and the largest and deepest training pool of its kind.

Human curiosity stimulates exploration, whether it is moving toward the infinite outer space or the depths of the oceans. Exploring generates knowledge and compels us to ask new questions, the answering of which expands our boundaries. Blue Abyss offers the perfect environment to enable not just explorers but everyone to find answers at the extremes of our experiences, and to venture in to the oceans' depths and even outer space!"

Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, Veteran Cosmonaut, Former President of Romanian Space Agency, Blue Abyss Non-Executive Director

2. Blue Abyss will enable innovation in subsea and space operations

We believe that safety and planning are paramount to countering the inherent risks of working in extreme environments.

We are committed to supporting risk mitigation in subsea and space operational procedures; discovering new ways to innovate and solve cost challenges. We will do this by providing a safe and controlled environment to test and pre-evaluate hardware and procedures requiring humans and robots to work together in the extreme environments of our oceans and space.

Astronauts and other space professionals will want to come from around the world to use the massive, yet controlled, environment to reduce risk in space. Knowledge transfer between the different types of users will benefit everyone, divers and astronauts alike, and I can see plenty of international collaborations and business ventures starting life within Blue Abyss.”

Dr Helen Sharman, First British Astronaut

3. Blue Abyss will lead an evolution in extreme environment research and innovation

We believe that innovation in industry, science, and healthcare is a vital ingredient to help build a better future.

We are committed to bringing new robotic and human-aid technologies to market and helping to facilitate the collaboration between subsea and space industries. We will learn from human physiology in space and the associated countermeasures, to meet terrestrial healthcare challenges and enable people to perform at the peak of their potential in extreme environments. We will facilitate this through our R&D centre in collaboration with some of the world’s brightest and best academics.

Having access to a facility with deeper water, and potential obstacles that would simulate actual end-user requirement, would potentially be very useful. This would enable a more phased, successive development which could potentially lead to higher quality developments that could better meet intended future use."

Kevin Forshaw, Vice-Chair of Maritime UK South West and Director of Industrial and Strategic Partnerships at the University of Plymouth

4. Blue Abyss will champion the advancement of technical education

We believe that inspiring science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education will shape the next generation of scientists and empower industrial growth.

We are committed to reinforcing this STEM approach, providing engaging, hands-on learning at primary level, right through to opportunities for post-graduates to work on real-world research projects; facilitating home-grown talent and supporting industrial growth. We will do this through exclusively designed education and outreach programmes, and by providing our own skilled employment and student research opportunities.

The partnership with Blue Abyss means programmes will be significantly strengthened through the inclusion of both theoretical and practical modules that no other facility in the world currently delivers for formalised education support.”

Professor Anu Ojha OBE, Director of UK National Space Academy programme, Director National Space Centre, Blue Abyss Consultant

This is our Manifesto to you, our plan for the future of deep sea and space innovation and exploration. Knowing what we believe and having the guts to live, breathe and deliver it, is what makes Blue Abyss extraordinary. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Join us to meet the challenges of our time and to invest in the future of intrepid exploration, operational excellence, pioneering research and outstanding education. We will succeed if we change the future together.

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