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Academic partnerships continue to shape future capabilities

Academic partnerships continue to shape future capabilities

Professor Simon Evetts and John Vickers continue discussions with leading UK universities to form a collaborative ‘Academic Partnership’ that underpins Blue Abyss’ future R&D and training capabilities.

In one such meeting, Simon and John caught up with Professor Nick Caplan, Dr Andrew Winnard, Professor Greta Defeyter, and other key personnel from Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Northumbria University has a burgeoning aerospace medicine and rehabilitation laboratory, and aims to conduct translational research in the fields of aviation medicine, space medicine, and terrestrial healthcare/rehabilitation. Discussions concerning developing an academic, industrial relationship identified common themes of R&D and mutual interests. Steps for building our engagement in the months ahead were agreed upon, with both parties interested in establishing a formal partnership.

Professor Nick Caplan, Associate Professor of Musculoskeletal Health, said:

We understand the challenges in accessing space environments for research and development, and Blue Abyss will soon be able to provide these. We are excited about what the future holds for human spaceflight research in the UK, and here at Northumbria University, as we build a strong relationship with Blue Abyss.

Professor Greta Defeyter, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning & Engagement, added:

Northumbria University is committed to working in partnership and sees this as essential to support its ambition as a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence.

We continue to build mutually beneficial academic relationships with a number of leading R&D universities. These partnerships will support Blue Abyss’ promise to enable innovation in subsea and space operations and extreme environment research.

Main image courtesy of Northumbria University. From left, Professor Nick Caplan, Dr Andrew Winnard, Professor Simon Evetts.

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