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AP diving supports Blue Abyss

AP diving supports Blue Abyss

 As rebreather specialists - researching, developing & manufacturing the world’s leading CCRs - AP Diving is pleased to support the exciting and innovative Blue Abyss project in its aim to create the world’s biggest, state-of-the-art, diver training, marine, space & science research facility here in the UK.

Jeff Parker AP Diving said:

The Blue Abyss promises to become a mecca for divers, free divers and scientists, UK and worldwide. It should excite the imagination of new divers of all ages, encourage more people to take an interest in our underwater world and help develop and train future generations of inner and outer space explorers. We wish the Blue Abyss team all the best and look forward to using this year-round research centre to help us advance the possibilities of diving and dive equipment, into the future.

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