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On Friday 17 March, Blue Abyss CEO, John Vickers visited the Office of the Mayor of Brook Park to sign an agreement to purchase 12 acres of land on which the company plans to build its $250m extreme environment research, development, and training centre.

The land is located adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and close to NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland's International Exposition (IX) Center, and world-class Universities and Hospitals.

We are proud to be part of the plans to make the state of Ohio and the City of Cleveland leaders in the commercialization of space. Our thanks to all the teams at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, JobsOhio, NEO, Tom Chema at The Gateway Group, Mayor Edward Orcutt and Commissioner Paul F. Marnecheck M.A. for all their support.

The $250m Blue Abyss center in Cleveland will be situated near to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) and the NASA Glenn Research Center. It will contain the world's largest deep water pool at just over 42,000m3, 50m long, 40m wide, with the deepest part a 16m diameter shaft, going down to a depth of 50m alongside a high g facility and extensive research & development lab spaces. In addition to supporting astronaut training the Blue Abyss centers will facilitate the research, development, testing, commercial evaluation and demonstration of new, cutting-edge products/solutions for customers within the offshore energy, subsea technology, maritime defence and space sectors

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