Blue Abyss

Commercial diving

Blue Abyss Commercial diving

A safe, highly supervised and controlled environment

Blue Abyss offers a convenient, safe and controlled indoor facility to enable the commercial diving sector to conduct the most realistic testing, training and pre-operational exercises.

Imagine the perfect training environment: a safe, highly supervised indoor space available year-round, day and night. The pool will boast high definition cameras and controls to mimic sea and lighting conditions. It will house a 30-tonne crane, tie-down points and lifting platforms, and offer roof access to insert larger training craft into the water. Its multiple depths down to 50 metres will allow for simultaneous use, reducing time required on site. This is especially useful for joint diver and autonomous vehicle exercises.

We will provide high-quality accredited initial, continuation and operational training for offshore and inshore commercial divers and diving teams. In addition, we will be able to facilitate more complex scenarios with the support of our highly-qualified dive team, supervisors and hyperbaric support team.

In volume and depth, the pool will exceed all other indoor facilities in existence, enabling it to be customised for a wide range of scenarios. Alongside hyperbaric chambers, saturation diving facilities, workshops and a research and development centre, Blue Abyss offers an unrivalled underwater facility unlike anything that the commercial diving sector has use of today. 

Blue Abyss Commercial diving

You won’t have to wait for the right environmental conditions to train or prove innovative procedures. Enjoy the convenience of an indoor facility that’s not weather or daylight dependent that can simulate challenging environments.

Supporting and accelerating industry needs

With the planned decommissioning of North Sea installations and the projected growth of offshore wind turbines, it’s predicted that commercial diving will be one of the fastest growing maritime occupations over the next decade. This will require a step change in commercial diver numbers, and additional training in new skills and techniques, all of which Blue Abyss will be able to meet.

Blue Abyss Commercial diving
  • Offshore and Inshore Oil, Gas & Renewables
  • Civil Engineering
  • Salvage
  • Emergency Services & Military
  • Oceanographic Research
  • Archaeology
  • Film Production

Therapeutic recompression facilities

Besides providing a safety back-up for divers, under close supervision, the hyperbaric chambers will offer ‘dry dives’ to simulate depths of hundreds of metres plus oxygen-enriched medical treatment for the healthcare sector.

Blue Abyss Commercial diving

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