Blue Abyss

Professor Simon Evetts
Research and Development Director

Professor Simon Evetts

Between 2006 and 2014 Professor Simon Evetts ran the multi-disciplinary Medical Projects & Technology Unit at the European Astronaut Centre, Cologne. His responsibilities spanned medical projects, astronaut fitness and the support of in-mission astronaut health. He has been instrumental in developing the field of space biomedicine in the UK for the last 20 years and having recently moved on from Wyle, NASA’s primary astronautics services provider, is now the Managing Director of SeaSpace Research Ltd, the R&D arm of Blue Abyss, and the Director of Space Operations for Blue Abyss. Simon is a Visiting Senior Lecturer at King’s College London, a Visiting Professor at Northumbria University, co-founder of the UK Space Life & Biomedical Sciences Association and the UK Space Environments Association, and founder of the Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office at Harwell, UK.


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