Blue Abyss

Julia Attias
Research & Administration Assistant

Julia Attias

Julia grew up on a tennis court from the age of 4 and it was embedded in her from that age that humans were built to move around.  She realised that understanding “physiology” – the functions and processes of the human body – was one of the best chances at a healthy life for herself; if she could understand what is detrimental to us, then she could understand how to prevent those things from happening. During her sports science degree, Julia became fascinated by how our body functions in extreme environments and how that could further her understanding of how our body should function in its normal habitat. Julia has recently completed her PhD at King’s College London. Her research focused around a “SkinSuit” that has been designed to recreate gravity in order to help protect the health of astronauts when they go into space. Julia loves being part of a team of people that will better understand how to safely get humans back to the moon and to Mars.” 


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