Blue Abyss

Dr. Mindy Howard
Director of Inner Space Training

Dr. Mindy Howard

Dr. Mindy Howard has been selected by NASA as a “Highly qualified Astronaut Candidate”. Mindy has worked for 22 years as a strategy leader, people manager and trainer in several blue chip corporations. Mindy has expertise in Commercial Space Training, Human Factors Engineering, psychology and human behaviour, and Health, Safety and Environment. Mindy created the first and only space training to psychologically prepare commercial astronauts for their space flights, called Inner Space Training. She is a fully trained flight member for the Association of Spaceflight Professionals. Dr. Howard has also written and presented publications on a variety of subjects at a number of international scientific and space conferences. She has also appeared in the media, both TV and radio as a “space correspondent” both in the United States and in Europe. Mindy is also a TEDx speaker with the title, “Train your fear away, like an astronaut”.


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