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Blue Abyss sponsors ‘Women of the Future Appeal’

Blue Abyss sponsors ‘Women of the Future Appeal’

Blue Abyss is proud to sponsor the University of Essex’s ‘Women of the Future Appeal’. Led by university Chancellor Shami Chakrabarti, it seeks to raise £500,000 for 25 masters scholarships at Essex. Places will be awarded to bright and inspirational women from across the world, who will use what they learn at the university to effect positive change in their communities.

As part of the fundraising campaign, an auction of donated prizes will take place on December 14th. Our very own ‘woman of the future’, freediver instructor Emma Farrell pictured above, will be offering the chance for two people to try freediving. This will be followed by a VIP tour of Blue Abyss once we’re open for business.

Freediving is the sport of apnea, diving on a single breath of air. It’s a life-changing experience and the most natural way of exploring under the waves. Participants will learn how to breathe correctly, hold their breath safely, and uncover the secrets of the mammalian dive reflex to swim deeper and longer under the water.

The University of Essex has a proud tradition of educating amazing women. Women like Dr. Shirin Chaudhury, the first woman speaker of Bangladesh's parliament, Dr. Aisha Gill, an activist and academic working to end violence against women, and Carry Somers, a leading climate-change and Fairtrade pioneer.

These scholarships will equip 25 women from around the world with the skills and knowledge needed to empower them to become leaders and drivers of change in their communities.

More about the Women of the Future Appeal

Image Simon Reid.

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