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Blue Abyss sponsors Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office

Blue Abyss sponsors Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office

On 21st September the ‘Accelerating Healthcare Innovation’ event at Harwell Campus, Oxford, played host to the official opening of the UK’s first Human Spaceflight Capitalisation Office (HuSCO). Blue Abyss Space Operations Director, Dr. Simon Evetts, led the launch with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake at his side.

Simon has been instrumental in the establishment of the office, based at Harwell’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. In support of the UK’s ambition to significantly expand its share of the global Space market, HuSCO aims to facilitate the country’s involvement in human spaceflight activities.

Our goal is to accelerate innovation and growth in the UK human spaceflight sector by bringing communities together to identify human spaceflight-related opportunities and to capitalise on bringing the products of this work to market,” says Simon

HuSCO’s 4C mission will see improved Communication, Coordination and Collaboration between human spaceflight communities, whilst Capitalising on Space R&D. There are expected to be wide-reaching R&D applications that will not only benefit life in Space but more importantly, life on Earth.

Blue Abyss will facilitate such research through the capabilities of our Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre. We intend to play an important part of the UK's human spaceflight infrastructure, as we become a space-faring nation.

Tim Peake at Harwell Conference

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