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Blue Abyss speaks at UK Space Conference

Blue Abyss speaks at UK Space Conference

This is reinforced by dedicated sessions for research, technology, space environments and biomedicine, promoting cutting-edge innovations and capabilities. In addition, an outreach programme and the ESERO-UK teacher conference will also take place. The format is designed to enable the space industry, researchers, entrepreneurs, satellite service users and government to come together to discuss Space-enabled Futures; and there are enhanced opportunities for networking and discussion.

“With the UK space industry firmly focused on achieving an ambitious 20-year target of capturing 10 per cent of the projected £400 billion global space market by 2030, the UK Space Conference provides a unique opportunity for everyone interested in capturing a slice of the success of this key sector to come together to share ideas, network and plan for the future.”

Greg Clark, Former Minister for Universities, Science & Cities

​The aim of the UK Space Conference 2015 is to be inclusive and forward looking:

  • To bring together people and groups from all parts of the space community.
  • To exchange visions and ideas for using space, its technology and satellite enabled-services to shape our future.
  • To discuss how new knowledge and space-based capabilities can drive social and economic progress into the 2030s and beyond.

Five plenary and 25 parallel sessions will provide opportunities:

  • For informative presentations, workshops and debate.
  • Spanning topics ranging from the challenges of working in space to securing the take-up of satellite services in global markets.

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