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Blue Abyss gives special presentation at EarthX 2018

Blue Abyss gives special presentation at EarthX 2018

Last month Blue Abyss CEO, John Vickers, was honoured to be part of a specialist panel within the EarthXOcean Conference, entitled ‘The Blue Economy’. Showcased in Fair Park, Dallas (USA), EarthX is the largest environmentally-focused event on the planet. 

In April EarthX presented the World’s Largest Annual Environmental Expo, Conference and Film Festival, with the mission to connect a global community and help to create a sustainable future. The main event spanned over the course of 3 days with 120,000 people, 900 exhibitors and 260 speakers in attendance with ‘breakthrough solutions and fascinating innovations that will empower them to make a difference in their communities and the world’. The event has grown exponentially since its inception in 2011, what began as a small event held on the streets of Dallas has developed into an incredible opportunity for business, academic institutions, environmental organisations and government agencies to present their ideas in Dallas' Historic 270-acre Fair Park.  

This year Blue Abyss, represented by CEO, John Vickers, was honoured to be part of a specialist panel within the EarthXOcean Conference, entitled ‘The Blue Economy’. The panel, consisting of world-renowned scientists, business leaders, non-profits and government members, shared information and insights on the Blue Economy; which illustrated Blue Abyss' Vision in research and development, training and STEM. Blue Abyss teamed up with the innovative US based digital installation agency, End Point to utilise their Liquid Galaxy system presentation. Using a combination of images, videos and VR demonstrations, the crowd was treated to a visual display unlike any other. You can watch this very special presentation here. 

The Planetary Survival Scenario, also presented using End Point’s Liquid Galaxy system, was a hit in the EarthXInteractive Zone. It showcased a series of mixed reality vignettes which approach a drone just as a dust storm lands. Developed by Prof Bob Stone, Blue Abyss Human Factors Consultant, and the Human Interface Technologies Team at the University of Birmingham (UK), this module is a fun and useful survival training module.  

John was lucky enough to meet and spend extended one-on-one time with marine biologist, author and explorer Sylvia Earle; who's inspiring work has resulted in the creation of Mission Blue, an exceptional global coalition which supports a growing network of protected areas. At the forefront of ocean exploration and conservation for over four decades she promoted the goal ‘no child left dry’, arguing that before spacetravel to Mars can be seriously attempted we must first ‘make peace with the planet’. The winner of the 2009 TED Prize, Sylvia Earle is a tireless advocate for our oceans and a personal hero to many of us at Blue Abyss. 

Inspiring people we met along the way: 

Dr Ved Chirayath - Research Scientist @ NASA Ames Research Centre. Dr. Chirayath's NeMO-Net project was selected by NASA ESTO AIST to create the world's largest neural network for global coral reef assessment using data fusion of fluid lensing data to augment other airborne and spaceborne remote sensing instruments.     

Dr Sandra Whitehouse - Marine science expert, policy advisor and Chief Scientific Officer at AltaSea. AltaSea is developing a new model for ocean-related science, business and education – a place where innovators collaborate to develop solutions critical to the survival of the earth and its inhabitants. 

George Cummings, WFCRC Ocean Ambassador for United Nations SDG14. 

Kathie Flood, MD at Cascade Game Foundry. Cascade Game Foundry (CGF™) is a Seattle-based development team who empower people to explore the world from home "We want people to learn about the planet, so they will be inspired to protect it".   

Article and images kindly provided by Anna Plaster, Head of CRM, Blue Abyss.

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