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Blue Abyss are excited to attend EarthX 2018

Blue Abyss are excited to attend EarthX 2018

This year, Blue Abyss are excited to be attending EarthX, the world’s largest eco-conference and exhibition, showcasing films and emerging media that explore conservation, climate change and the environment. John Vickers, CEO of Blue Abyss, will give a special presentation at the conference, focusing on the Blue Economy, education and awareness on the damage we are doing to the oceans and the need for research and testing facilities such as Blue Abyss to support solutions for these issues.

Organisers from the EarthX conference series were excited to receive an update from Blue Abyss earlier in the year and were keen for John to attend and speak about the company and facility. EarthX recognises the importance of the work the facility will be doing, and the opportunities which will arise. In turn, Blue Abyss also recognise the incredible work EarthX is doing and the two companies coming together at this time is of monumental importance. John will be giving a very special presentation, using a Liquid Galaxy, multi-screen platform, due to a collaboration with our new partners in the US, End Point. The presentation will not only illustrate how modern-day technology can be utilised to tell a story but also share the Vision of Blue Abyss.

Representatives from organisations such as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, The Explorers Club and The Presidential Panel for SDG14 will be speaking at the event. Dr. Sylvia Earle; probably our favourite EarthX speaker this year, will also be a highlight of the event. Sylvia is a well-known American marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer; a TED prize winner, National Geographic Explorer-in-residence and features in the National Women's Hall of Fame. Mission Blue, led by Sylvia, was launched with TED's support in 2009, it's aim is to establish marine protected areas. To learn more about this truly inspiring lady (and please do because she is sensational!) click here.

By attending EarthX this year, Blue Abyss hope to create greater awareness around these environmental issues and what we can do to support EarthX in its mission to turn awareness into action through media and a global climate initiative.

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