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Blue Abyss : Opportunity

Dive into the future

We recognise the need to invest in the future. Blue Abyss can really push the boundaries of aquatic and space research, science and training. Make sure you’re a part of that pioneering future.

Imagine having the opportunity to help create the world’s first commercial space environment simulation facility for aerospace research and development including the potential to train humans for spaceflight.

Due to its size and construction, Blue Abyss also caters for divers training to work in or explore the oceans, human physiology researchers aiming to better understand the effects of the marine and space environments on the human body, and educational institutions to encourage our children to be more aware of the vast richness of our oceans and the infinite potential of space.

Plans for Blue Abyss have generated interest among an array of aerospace, marine, research and humanitarian organisations.

Blue Abyss - Vision

“For those with the courage and vision to get involved, Blue Abyss is an open portal with a thousand new paths leading into the unknown and I can’t wait to dive in.”
Andy Torbet, Extreme Explorer and BBC TV Presenter

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