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Talks with NASA shore up operational plans

Talks with NASA shore up operational plans

On 24th July, John Vickers and Dr. Simon Evetts flew to the U.S on a whistle-stop tour of Houston and Washington DC to meet with senior executives from NASA and their associates.

Facilitated by Blue Abyss Non-Executive Director and former NASA Astronaut, Dr. Scott Parazynski, the trip was focused on leveraging NASA’s experience and expertise of delivering their human spaceflight training programme to better inform plans for Blue Abyss. It was also an opportunity for the team to present the Blue Abyss vision and discuss possible opportunities and collaborations.

John and Simon visited the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) at the Sonny Carter Training Facility, the NASA Johnson Space Center, and NASA’s headquarters in Washington DC, as well as meeting with former NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott and associate companies Oceaneering, KBR-Wyle and Raytheon.

It was a valuable trip in which we were able to engage with some key people to present what Blue Abyss will do for the future of Space exploration and to better understand how the experts deliver their human spaceflight training today,” Simon says.

What was particularly interesting is that NASA has recognised the potential for commercial use, particularly with the oil and gas industry, and has dedicated a section of its own pool for these purposes. This is a nice illustration of combining Government and commercial customer activities as we intend to do for Blue Abyss,” John says.

The U.S. tour marks a significant milestone in our ongoing communication with the world’s leading space agencies. Relationships with the European and UK Space Agencies have already been established, and a pathway for engagement with the Russian Space Agency is being established.

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