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‘Space for Inspiration’ through industry collaboration

‘Space for Inspiration’ through industry collaboration

SeaSpace Research Managing Director, Dr. Simon Evetts, attended the recent ‘Space for Inspiration’ Conference hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) held to discuss the concept of collaboration between government and commercial Space enterprise.

ESA invited both Space and non-Space organisations to the London Science Museum to investigate meeting engineering, environmental and life science challenges through industry collaboration. The discussion centred on the strength of working partnerships between government organisations and the private sector to advance innovation within science and technology.

Simon, seen here in the photograph, commented that one of the needs in research today is to improve the mechanisms that translate Intellectual Property to commercially successful products. Facilitating cross-sector research and its commercialisation will be one of the prime functions of SeaSpace Research.

The international Space industry has really woken up to the need for government to partner with commercial organisations. It is very encouraging to hear that ESA are investigating private sector partnerships. It presents tangible opportunities for SeaSpace to collaborate with ‘government Space’ on research projects and for Blue Abyss to facilitate the development of this work and any resulting innovations,” says Simon.

Space agency and commercial collaboration has already been encouraged by NASA with its ‘Commercial Crew Program’. The programme invites the US aerospace industry to provide human transportation services to and from low-Earth orbit, allowing NASA to focus its resources on deep Space missions.

Space agencies working together with the commercial sector and sharing ideas will create opportunities that present far-reaching benefits to mankind, both in Space and on Earth. And we are delighted to play a part.

Image: ESA

Simon Evetts & Luca Parmitano
ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano with Dr. Simon Evetts at the conference.

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