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Seaspace workshop helps shape future R&D capabilities

Seaspace workshop helps shape future R&D capabilities

On 8th July, in a workshop held at the Wivenhoe House Hotel on the University of Essex’s campus, academics from leading universities gathered to help shape the R&D capabilities of Blue Abyss, and the nature of the collaborative ‘Academic Partnership’ that will underpin Blue Abyss’ future R&D enterprises.

Hosted by Professor Simon Evetts, Managing Director of SeaSpace Research Ltd, an affiliate company which acts as the R&D arm of Blue Abyss, the workshop marks the start of a 6-month consultation period. As Blue Abyss prepares to start building its £multi-million facility, SeaSpace will consult with key market sector communities to ensure that its infrastructure and services meet or exceed their R&D needs.

Our vision for a decade from now is for an active and productive world-class R&D centre serving varied and vibrant aerospace, terrestrial health care and extreme environment communities, to deliver ground-breaking and marketable solutions that benefit society,” says Simon Evetts.

In attendance were professors, lecturers and researchers from the Universities of Comenius (Slovakia), Essex, King’s College London, Northumbria, PUCRS (Brazil) and Southampton, with the European Space Agency Space Medicine Office participating remotely. SeaSpace will work in collaboration with these and other leading national and international institutions with an interest in marine, extreme environment, health care and Space-related research.

Acting as a commercial bridge between academia, government and industry, SeaSpace will create an end-to-end pathway for its academic partners to take IP to market whilst also identifying other markets for their R&D output.

It’s expected that R&D fields to be pursued will include diving, robotics, human spaceflight, sports science and health care, with an emphasis on rehabilitation from physical deconditioning.

The research activities pursued will be performed using a mix of facilities and expertise available through the partner universities themselves and at Blue Abyss: including the 50m deep pool; hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers; Microgravity Suite; and the Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre. The research undertaken by the Academic Partnership will also provide an opportunity for students to work on real-world projects as research assistants and interns, and will help to secure work placements for future students.

Also presenting at the workshop were Blue Abyss Managing Director, John Vickers, and Blue Abyss Aerospace Consultant, Professor Walter Kuehnegger. Professor Kuehnegger was the NASA Principal Investigator who pioneered the Apollo Programme human exploration of the Moon, and after whom the Blue Abyss’ ‘Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre’ is named.

Further consultations will take place over the coming months to include workshops, focus groups and customer panels.

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