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Scuba diving instructor applications flood in

Scuba diving instructor applications flood in

RAID UK & Malta have begun the lengthy process of helping to recruit the 35-strong team for Blue Abyss. Hundreds of individuals have already registered their interest, proving competition for the positions will be heated.

What makes the recruitment drive even more interesting is that it’s not just about knowledge and experience. With an initial requirement for application being ‘a scuba diving instructor, certified by a recognised training agency, with at least one year of experience’ as the only prerequisite, the number of resumes landing in RAID’s inbox is huge.

And it’s for very good reason. John Vickers, CEO of Blue Abyss wants to find the right talent.

We’re looking for applicants who have the right attitude and approach to training.”

Candidates don’t necessarily need to have degrees and accolades adorning their CVs because they will be specially trained for their job. James Rogers, Director of RAID UK & Malta added “We’re looking for divers with a commitment to training and a sense of adventure.”

The training that successful applicants will be put through is intense and life changing. Alongside hyperbaric, diver medic, additional presentation, even centrifuge and parabolic flight training, as well as the appropriate HSE qualifications (in addition to their own existing instructor’s certification), the top six from the team will be sent to NASA’s own “Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory” in the USA.  Here they will be taught and then tooled up to support in-water astronaut training with the view to training the rest of the team with the help of NASA staff on their return.

James Rogers notes:

In my thirty years in the diving industry, I have never seen an opportunity like this.”

James Rogers & Paul Toomer, RAID

James and RAID International’s Paul Toomer recently attended the launch ceremony for Blue Abyss at Cranfield University in Bedford (pictured above). Thrilled at the opportunities presented to them by Blue Abyss, they are extremely proud to be recognised as a ‘brand fit’ partner to the venture. Introduced to the event crowd as ‘the diving boys’, RAID’s attitude and approach to diver training complements the ethos of Blue Abyss and mirrors the qualities of the candidates they’re searching for.

Article and image kindly provided by James Rogers, Director, RAID UK & Malta

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