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Principia launch event @ Science Museum

Principia launch event @ Science Museum

The Blue Abyss team joined the incredible celebrations at London’s Science Museum as the nation watched British ESA astronaut Major Tim Peake blast off to begin his Principia mission aboard the International Space Station. Blue Abyss' Kelvin Murray was at the museum, giving presentations on buoyancy and two evening lectures, focused on how astronaut training.

Before starting his presentations on the top floor of the Science Museum, Kelvin was interviewed by BBC Radio Wiltshire's Sim Courtie. You can listen to the Programme here: BBC Radio Wiltshire.

Afterwards, it was straight on to non-stop teaching and engaging with kids. Bringing along some exhibits such as a Kirby Morgan diving helmet, full face diving mask and a water tank, Kelvin demonstrated how volume and weight influence an object's buoyancy.  The evening saw Kelvin  give a lecture called "Inner Space to Outer Space" - Training Humans for Extreme Environments, explaining how humankind can prepare for working in some of the most extreme environments on and off this planet. To have a peek, go and check out some more great images from the day in our Gallery.

We are grateful for the assistance of our supporters Nick Jackson and Wayne Ford from Divers Emergency Service - thanks again for all your help gents!

You can read more about the Principia Mission and follow Tim's time in space here:

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