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One step closer

One step closer

After a period of engagement with stakeholders, customer groups and key investors, Blue Abyss is extremely pleased to release an early look at 3D footage, created by Cityscape Digital, providing an internal view of the Blue Abyss pool.

At approximately 35,000m³, Blue Abyss will be the world's largest and deepest indoor pool.

The pool is aimed primarily at assisting the commercial diving, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle, (AUV), life science and human spaceflight sectors.  However, with the majority of Blue Abyss staff also being keen divers, the facility aims to encourage people of all ages and abilities to discover the joys of exploring our marine environments through recreational diving, as well as providing the UK with an innovative, aquatic-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education centre.

The overall complex will house both hyper and hypo-baric chambers and a micro-gravity simulation suspension system for replicating the effects of weightlessness and low gravity in environments like those found on Moon and Mars. Housed within the 'Kuehnegger Human Performance Centre', in honour of Professor Walter Kuehnegger, the NASA Principal Investigator who pioneered the Apollo Programme human exploration of the Moon, this R&D facility will be the first in the UK to focus on human spaceflight and it's terrestrial benefits. A boutique hotel, six training and class rooms and an onsite cafeteria will complete the complex.

The management team of Blue Abyss is now finalising additional appointments and investment agreements and are working closely with the university of Essex to investigate the suitability of a site on its Knowledge Gateway research and innovation park at its Colchester Campus. 

Build it and we will come!!!!

That was one Blue Abyss follower’s comment when we published these images.

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