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Newsletter archive

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JUNE 2018

Let's Celebrate the International Year of the Reef!
Designing for weightlessness at the University of Hertfordshire
Blue Abyss gives a special presentation at EarthX 2018
VR Planetary survival training concept presented at EarthX
New Space People Awards win for Blue Abyss
An interview with Prof. Simon Evetts for The Naked Scientists
Dr Mindy Howard Astronaut Training Programme Director Joins the team

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Best wishes for the holiday season
A message from John Vickers
A selection of news & posts from 2017

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Vote for us as the People’s New Space Company of the Year
Visibility reaches a peak at Web Summit
Will human augmentation lead to a loss of humanity?
Planetary exploration training demo focuses workshop discussions
Space pitch puts Blue Abyss on the map in Luxembourg
A bright future for STEM as we explore our universe
‘A pool for spacefarers’: a Smithsonian interview

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Academic partnerships continue to shape future capabilities
Director of Human Technologies Team joins Blue Abyss
Proposal for R&D Hub accepted through to second round 
Science Museum Lates visitors dive Blue Abyss 

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JULY 2017

Supporting solutions to challenging offshore wind issues
John explores human curiosity at Anglia Ruskin
Supporting learning in science education
Dorin’s journey into space and Asteroid Day
Scuba diving instructor applications flood in

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JUNE 2017

Blue Abyss to be at heart of RAF Henlow regeneration
John speaks at the ITU-XPRIZE AI For Good Summit
Highlights and images from RAF Henlow launch event
Changing the Future Together: A Manifesto
Interview on BBC Three Counties Radio
Expand your horizons video

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APRIL 2017

Fancy spending a night on Mars?
COMEX entertains Blue Abyss in Marseille
Blue Abyss announces DiveRAID partnership
An Evening with Blue Abyss event

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MARCH 2017

Team to deliver plans to reality revealed
British space tourism set for lift-off by 2020
'Space Explorer' Dorin gives keynote speech at SpaceUp
Diver training partnership with RAID announced
Double exposure at the National Space Centre

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Designs unveiled to support offshore renewables
The wonders and challenges of human spaceflight
Congress broadens engagement with Space community
Explorer Andy Torbet 'puts his name' to Blue Abyss
Risk mitigation knowledge share to fuel Space exploration

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Best wishes for the holiday season
A year in the life of Blue Abyss
The man behind the vision
Words of support for Blue Abyss

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Former cosmonaut leads discussions with Roscosmos
A postcard from Romania
Two entrepreneurs, one winning combination
Blue Abyss sponsors University's 'Women of the Future Appeal'
Consultation with offshore energy industry gets underway

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A victory for prehistoric cave exploration in the modern world
Offshore Energy Consultant joins team
Site & Facilities Manager joins team
Diving into the future with Enterprise Europe Network
Is it a bird... is it a fish?

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Brand makeover makes a big splash
Blue Abyss adopts a fitting mascot
'Everyone can become a 21st Century Astronaut'
Sponsoring the first UK Human Spaceflight Office
'Space for Inspiration' through collaboration

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