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Initial ground investigation at RAF Henlow: progress update

Initial ground investigation at RAF Henlow: progress update

Peter Hodkin, Project Director at Blue Abyss, was able to give an update on the initial ground investigation of what will be the site for the world's largest marine to space extreme environment training, research and development facility at RAF Henlow.


Slow progress is being made in obtaining access to the RAF site at Henlow to enable the initial Ground Investigation to commence. 

The necessary paperwork has been shared with the DIO and we are now awaiting authorisation to commence on site. 

“We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Peter’s stature working on this.  With over 30 years of successfully delivering large, infrastructure projects, ranging from oil and gas installations to power stations, subterranean and over ground railway buildings, Peter is well versed in the particular requirements and challenges we’ll face through the construction phase. Peter is already coordinating the fantastic engineering, project management, M&E, cost consultants, architectural and prime contractor teams in place.” 

John Vickers, CEO, Blue Abyss 

Meanwhile, the design teams are revisiting the brief to ensure that the current feasibility design is robust and will correctly inform the design development phase. 

Next steps 

We have in place the paperwork required to undertake the Environment Impact Assessment which will then be followed by the onsite Ecology surveys. Closely following that we will look to undertake condition surveys of the existing buildings and facilities which we intend to utilise. 

Long-term goals are to commence on site physical works in mid to late 2018. 

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