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Help make Blue Abyss a reality

Help make Blue Abyss a reality

Blue Abyss has just opened it's Crowdfunding campaign. Imagine having the opportunity to help create the world’s first commercial astronaut training facility.

A development large enough to cater for divers, human physiology researchers and the aerospace industry as well, often at the same time!  Just wonder at being able to say you were part of making the world’s biggest indoor aquatic research, training and development facility a reality.  Everyone behind this project wants to push the boundaries of what human beings can achieve; here on earth in our marine environment and beyond our own planet, in space.  Join us in that endeavour and leave a legacy our children will continue to benefit from!  Blue Abyss is building the world’s largest, deepest, multi-level, indoor research, training and development pool. Alongside, additional hyperbaric chambers, commercial diving and micro-gravity facilities, this will be the UK and Europe’s premier marine and space research facility.

Head to Crowdfunder and pledge your support at:

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