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Fourth Element sponsors funding campaign

Fourth Element sponsors funding campaign

As part of our Crowdfunding Campaign, Fourth Element has supplied Blue Abyss with 5 Arctic exploerers that will be available to those pledging their support on Crowdfunder.

Arctic Expedition

The ARCTIC EXPEDITION brings fourth element’s knowledge of performance fabrics and biomapped design, accumulated over 15 years of designing thermal protection for drysuit diving, together to create a new undersuit in our EXPEDITION SERIES. Using strategically placed additional layers of high density fleece and wind and waterproof fabrics to protect critical areas of the body that experience greater exposure during the dive, the biomapping technology maximises thermal protection whilst minimising bulk, allowing greater freedom of movement and comfort throughout the dive.

Argonaut - The Adventurer's Drysuit

Ergonomic design along with a telescopic torso allows maximum comfort and range of movement whether diving in conditions of extreme cold, using multiple thermal layers, or with lighter undersuits in warmer waters. Lightweight and Breathable

Kevlar reinforced breathable fabric ensures a level of comfort unknown with traditional membrane drysuits. The breathable fabric allows water vapour to pass out of the suit before the dive meaning less condenses on the inside of the drysuit. The suit also extremely lightweight, making it ideally suited for travelling.

Optional Extras

  • SiTech Antares ring system with silicone seals and dryglove system
  • SiTech neck seal system with silicone neck seals
  • SiTech or Light Monkey p-valve
  • Neoprene neck and wrist seals

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