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‘Everyone can become a 21st Century Astronaut’

‘Everyone can become a 21st Century Astronaut’

That's what Blue Abyss Managing Director, John Vickers, told the 11th UK/China Space Workshop in Shanghai. Presenting on the reality of sending tourists into Space, John captured the interest of delegates with Blue Abyss’ plans to facilitate human spaceflight.

John says, “In a scene reminiscent of ‘From your foreign correspondent’, I am sat in a hotel in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, having been in Shanghai, China for the last few days

The first few days consisted of a conference at a hotel on the outskirts of Shanghai. On the last day we moved to the centre of Shanghai itself on the banks of the famous Pearl River. This coincided with a Great Britain business innovation exhibition with delegations from other areas of UK business besides Space.

I’m delighted with the overwhelmingly positive, and slightly surprised, response to Blue Abyss that I received during this trip. Preparation for human spaceflight is an area that no one had really given any thought to. Yet when delegates learnt about it, and our focus across multiple verticals spanning marine to Space, the recognition and approval was very satisfying – because we are focused on an area that is fundamental and will help a number of industries shape themselves for the future.

It’s a huge privilege being involved in Blue Abyss. Not only do I get to work for a hugely exciting and very different kind of business, but in the course of doing so, I get to meet no end of wonderful people and quite literally, travel the world!

We are so close to completing all of the foundational steps necessary to ensure a successful next phase for Blue Abyss. In dedicating time now to establish a huge and far reaching network of contacts and supporters, we are laying the basis for a strong future… more of which I intend to share in the coming months.”

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