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Consultation with the offshore energy industry gets underway

Consultation with the offshore energy industry gets underway

Celia Anderson has joined Blue Abyss to secure the offshore energy industry’s support as we prepare to build the £multi-million facility. This is a vital part of the wider consultation programme across key industries to ensure that Blue Abyss meets and exceeds the needs of its future customers.

Celia has begun consulting with companies with subsea interests including ROVs and AUVs, diving services, non-destructive testing and inspection. Blue Abyss offers a multitude of applications for training, testing, research and development, simulations and demonstration and so she’ll be asking the offshore energy industry, ‘what would you do with the world’s largest and deepest indoor pool?’

We have the chance to make a real difference for the offshore renewables, and oil and gas industries. By consulting at the pre-build stage, we can cater for existing and currently unmet needs to develop a facility of unrivalled value. It’s the chance for the offshore energy industry to roll out their ultimate wish list. Cost reduction is essential within the industry at the moment and Blue Abyss provides a real opportunity for innovation, developing skills and improving supply chain competitiveness,” says Celia.

So whether you want to test the reverse leakage in survival craft, simulate ROV installation of J tubes and connecting cables, changing bearings at the base of a turbine tower or test bubble curtains, Celia wants to know about it.

What marine or offshore energy-related training might be needed - sea survival, boat transfer or specialist diver training? And do we need a gantry crane to allow movement from a laydown storage area?

We’re confident that we have the scenarios covered, but this consultation period will serve to ensure that we deliver exactly the facilities that the industry needs. And to encourage some blue sky thinking!

The pool will be the largest of it’s kind in the world. At 50 metres deep and 41,000m3 volume, its super-sized capacity will allow for all manner of craft or equipment to be inserted into the water for training, testing or demonstration purposes. The poolside crane and roof opening will accommodate for up to 100-tonnes worth of kit!

Blue Abyss will also be able to mimic challenging environments for operational training as well as developing and demonstrating marine, wave and tidal devices. All with the help of controls to simulate waves, currents and lighting and the confidence of a highly-supervised, safe and controlled environment. Add to that hyperbaric chambers, providing pressure testing, research and development for subsea equipment plus diver decompression and dry dives.

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With such a breadth of possibility and the opportunity to share and learn from the defence and Space industries, the future looks bright for the offshore energy industry.

To get in touch with Celia, please contact her at

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