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Congress broadens engagement with international Space community

Congress broadens engagement with international Space community

As part of the UK Space Agency Trade Mission, John Vickers jets off to Abu Dhabi to attend the Global Space Congress with the aim of establishing new international partnerships.

One of 14 UK Space organisations including iSat, Clyde Space, Qioptiq, Orbital Access and Glenair, Blue Abyss will attend the two-day congress to network with key players in the human spaceflight community.

Starting on 31 January, the Global Space Congress will bring together a host of organisations and academic institutions including the UAE, UK, Japanese, Polish and Romanian space agencies and leading commercial human spaceflight carriers SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Boeing. The Congress aims to lead the pursuit of Space activities within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region to advance science, technology, research and education.

A networking event at the British Embassy hosted by the British Ambassador will allow John to present a brief overview of our ambitions to facilitate human spaceflight training, research and development, and our longer-term aspirations for the GCC region.

The event will help us to forge vital connections with the global Space community. This will not only provide us with key industry intelligence as we prepare to build Blue Abyss but it will contribute to raising our profile internationally,” says John.

In many ways the UAE is leading Space developments in the Middle East, looking at how new Space activity can be built upon more traditional Government Space initiatives. We believe that Blue Abyss can be an ideal partner in this regard,” adds Professor Simon Evetts, Blue Abyss Space Operations Director.

Our Education Consultant, Director of the National Space Academy Professor Anu Ojha, will also be presenting at the Congress. On the topic of inspiring the pursuit of advanced Space education, Anu will provide a master-class on next generation Space programming.

We continue to engage and evolve through networking opportunities to ensure that Blue Abyss remains relevant and leads in the field of human spaceflight training and research.

Image credit: ESA, the Arabian Peninsula

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