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Blue Abyss makeover makes a big splash

Blue Abyss makeover makes a big splash

Marking another milestone in the evolution of Blue Abyss, we are proud to unveil our new brand image including the launch of our redeveloped website and blog.

Not only has the logo had a facelift, but you’ll notice a brand update right across the board. Thanks to design agency Silk Pearce, our stationery, website and printed materials all share one consistent brand image that evokes quality, strength and passion. 

Blue Abyss Branding

The Blue Abyss logo has been adapted from its earlier form to incorporate both the heights of space in its ‘l’ and the depths of sea in its ‘y’. Another welcome addition is the strapline ‘Fly High, Dive Deep’ and our flying fish mascot - chosen because it bridges the gap between sea and Space, and shares a common theme of adaptation in extreme environments.

Over millions of years flying fish have gained unique traits to help them better adapt and survive in their environment. These beautifully unique creatures escape their underwater predators by propelling themselves out of the water and ‘flying’.

The evolutionary journey of the flying fish is a fitting tribute to the capabilities that Blue Abyss will offer human spaceflight, diving, robotic and human life science communities. By simulating the extreme environments of deep sea and outer Space, we can help the human race to continually explore, discover and pioneer.

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